This guide explains how to place an order. If you are ready to place an order, click here for letter & document printing or click here for document binding.

Some people find that using our order forms for the first time can be confusing and, whilst we are constantly working to make this process easier, it is difficult to simplify them further due to the wide range of orders we get. This how-to guide is designed to make our order forms easier to understand and reduce the chances of delays due to errors.

  1. Upload your files

    The first step is to upload all of the files that should be put in the same envelope. Files can be added by draging and dropping them in the dotted area or by clicking the “Browse Files” button – the files should be listed below the upload area. Adding more files won’t remove the files you have already added.
    If you need to remove any of the files then just click the “x” next to the file you need to remove in the list.File upload area

  2. Enter the number of pages and copies

    Below the list of files you need to enter the number of copies you need and the number of pages in all of the documents (e.g. if you upload a three page document and want it printed twice, then you should select three pages and two copies). Make sure to enter the number of pages in ALL of the files you have uploaded, otherwise the price will be calculated wrong and your order will likely be delayed.

  3. Select the printing options

    You will now need to select how you would like the documents printed. By default, these are set to black & white, single-sided printing. If you are ordering binding, you will also need to select if you would like covers.

  4. Add the delivery address

    Next, you need to enter the address that the letter or documents should be delivered to. Our order forms only offer delivery within the UK, so get in touch if you need to send a letter internationally.

  5. Additional options

    If you would like to specify the envelope type or add additional notes, then select yes from the “Show additional options” dropdown. Please note that we may not be able to cater to the requirements specified here and may override them without notice – if you have specific requirements then please get in touch.
    Up to eight sheets are sent in a C5 envelope by default (but you can select a C4 envelope here) – more than eight sheets must be sent in a C4 envelope.
    Our order forms only offer delivery by Royal Mail first class within the UK – if you need signed-for/recorded postage or guaranteed next-day delivery then please contact us directly.

  6. Add to basket

    To complete this form, simply click the “Add to basket” button. You can then add more letters to your order, or go directly to the basket to review your order and check-out.
    Once you have checked-out, your order will be put on hold and checked for errors before being processed and dispatched on the next working day (when received before 5pm).

If you are ready to place an order, click here for letter & document printing or click here for document binding.

We are always looking to improve our ordering process, so if you have any feedback then please get in touch and let us know how you think we could make it easier for you to use.